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Posted by The Rasa Team on Jun 22, 2020 4:22:02 PM
The Rasa Team

We’re excited to announce the launch of a second Rasa blog: the Company Blog. The Rasa Company Blog will feature company and product news, stories about the broader conversational AI industry, and a behind-the-scenes look at the people and culture of Rasa.

You can find the Company Blog at learn.rasa.com/blog.

The existing Rasa blog, found at blog.rasa.com, will continue to be the place where we publish technical deep dives and tutorials. That blog will now be known as the Rasa Developer Blog, to reflect the technical content and audience.

Why a second blog?

As Rasa has grown over the last year, our content has grown too. Until now, visitors to the blog would find tutorials, product announcements, event and community recaps, industry best practices, and interviews with Rasa team members. Some of these posts are written for a technical audience, and others are geared toward non-technical team members and managers who want to stay up to date on Rasa and conversational AI.

By splitting our blog into a Company Blog and a Developer Blog, our goal is to help different audiences easily find the types of articles that matter to them. Engineers and data scientists can look to the Developer Blog for technical deep dives and how-tos, while roles who overlap other business functions, like marketing, product, and innovation, can look to the Company Blog for a relevant newsfeed.


Watch this space for product release updates, company news, industry trends, and articles about life at Rasa. Up first on the company blog, we’ll be posting an update on Diversity and Inclusion efforts at Rasa, including how we’re increasing diversity in hiring.

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